About VES

Mission Statement

The VES is not only a learning place, but a social place as well: A home for children. Our children learn they are always welcome and are shown continued support in our school community. In order to develop confidence, children must share experiences together such as learning, singing, games and celebrations in a non-threatening, enriching environment. Children of different cultures, origin, religion, and education are taught the basics of understanding, tolerance and mutual acceptance. Many of our joint activities and celebrations such as Carnival, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas Fair and Sleepover are designed to meet these goals.

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…

~William Shakespeare

Another goal was to create a school that trains the children and prepares them for a future filled with new requirements and expectations that we do not know of today. Formation and expansion of education through lifelong learning is a key foundation for the future of our society. The early formation process of our children is the foundation for later learning processes of adolescents and adults. Our school is especially significant in their education and educational mission. Future living conditions are constantly changing which means that one of the basic tasks at our school is preparing each student for this change.

Schools face new educational challenges every day. In addition to the teaching of abstract knowledge and subject-related qualities, the school must strengthen self-reliance and self-confidence. To achieve this goal, we set theatrical pedagogical methods. Interdisciplinary learning in drama is an excellent example as well as music, language, visual arts, media education, rhythm and dance combined. I believe one of the most important educational measures in our school is integration of presentations, lectures, theater performances and concerts. As you will see in our yearbook, we achieve this idea and will also continue to do so in the years to come. With these important goals of teaching, bilingualism plays a central role in our educational program. We receive much positive feedback from our graduates about the great work and dedication of our teachers. Therefore, my special thanks to all of our teachers who continue to present great dedication and patience with the children.