Introducing VES

The Vienna Elementary School (VES) offers a comprehensive elementary school program in English from Kindergarten through fourth grade. VES is a privately founded elementary school established under Austrian law and registered with the Ministry of Education and the Viennese Public School Office for Education.

Which language do you speak?

English is the language of instruction. VES also offers bilingual education, including a full German language program during the 4 years of elementary school.

Where does this school lead to?

The curriculum is based on the Austrian school system and also incorporates the best elements of other European, American and International systems. After four years of elementary school, children can choose to will be ready to attend any Austrian middle school (Gymnasium) or the fifth grade of any English-Speaking international school or they can chose to continue their secondary education at the VES High School - the Vienna European School.

How do we work?

The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child, maximizing every educational opportunity to guarantee optimum results.

How to achieve this?

Excursions and projects help the child to better understand the practical importance of theoretical subjects. The result is creativity, individuality and a sense of community.

Individuality versus Community?

Tolerance, team spirit and respect are developed through group projects, teamwork, fine arts performances, theatre, games and sports. Being a part of a group or team helps the child acquire social confidence and competence, showing that individuality and team spirit are not mutually exclusive.

Talking about the individual...

We recognize special talents and capabilities and treat each child as an individual. An open teaching method helps the child to attain a sense of responsibility and a high level of self-confidence. 

Do the parents have a say?

Parents will be encouraged to actively participate in all school activities. The family atmosphere at VES generates an ambience that will make these years a pleasure for children and parents alike.