Austrian Matura

The Austrian Matura, as an accredited certificate by the Austrian Ministry of Education, is accepted and acknowledged at Universities around the world.

While our students can benefit from a universal education and a broad general knowledge up to year 12, they have the opportunity to choose their fields of interest for their Matura exams. 

The Matura consists of three main sections:

- written exams

It is compulsory to sit the written exams in GERMAN and MATH and one LANGUAGE SUBJECT (English, Spanish or French). 

- oral exams

Children can choose subjects for their oral exam according to their personal strengths and interests. For further information please contact Mr. Wendelberger. 

- research paper + presentation

Research and writing skills will be learned and practiced in a special lesson "Scientific Research" that all students follow in year 11 and 12. Topics for the research paper can be chosen individually according to the students personal strengths and interests. Every student will get a teacher assigned as a coach for the duration of the working process.