VES on Tour

VES International 

At VES we believe that travelling expands the horizon in every possible way.

The critical appreciation of our own cultures and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others are a main part of the well-rounded VES education.

  • An international teacher team is central to this vision and supports our students to seek and evaluate a range of points of view and the willingness to grow from experience. 
  • Over 14 partner schools across Europe have hosted our students during exchange programs throughout the last 4 years. 
  • We regularly celebrate national Austrian and international festivities and traditions, such as Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Halloween. 
  • We regularly invite and host representative students of our partner schools to come to Vienna for international students’ conferences, project meetings or to get a Viennese cultural experience. 

International Exchange Programs and School Trips

VIOLA Project

  • Trip to Rickmannsworth, UK (January 2014)
  • Trip to Murcia, Spain (March 2014) 
  • Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark (November 2014)
  • Trip to France (May 2015)


  • Trip to Benedita, Portugal (November 2016)
  • Trip to Zubrohlava, Slovakia (March 2017)
  • Trip to Murcia, Spain (May 2017)

NO Problems - JUST Solutions

  • Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark (November 2015)
  • Trip to Nurmes, Finland (January 2016)
  • Trip to Chartres, France (March 2016)
  • Trip to Arta, Mallorca (June 2016)
  • Trip to Lisbon, Portugal (January 2017)
  • Trip to Parma, Italy (March 2017)

Spanish Language Student Exchange Program


Other School Trips

Sailing Trip