Parents' information evenings in September and February provide parents with information regarding teaching methods and the curricular program for the upcoming semester.

A weekly newsletter informs parents about academic achievements, studied topics and themes, as well as special events, field trips and other important school related news.

The individual development of students and strategies for individual success are discussed during regular parent-teacher meetings half way through each semester. Here, parents also have an opportunity to raise their own questions, concerns and ideas. In addition, student-teacher meetings in every subject involve the students themselves in their learning process.

The VES e-learning platform supports students with their organizational skills and supplies them with information about homework as well as exams and test preparations.

Emails are sent to parents (or the appropriate contact) when a student has not completed his/her homework or arrives late after lunch break in case he/she is permitted to leave the school grounds.

Trust: The most important aspect of parent teacher relationship is trust. Trust from both the teacher and the parent and the goal to work together to support the children from all the sides.