Student References

Dear VES,

I started here when I was eight years old and since then there was not one day I didn't want to come. You gave me way more than just education. You made me a strong, tough and educated young woman. What I really like about this school is that I feel comfortable and that there is always someone to talk to. Of course also all the opportunities, the trips to different countries, the field trips and well-organized projects - those memories I will always carry in my heart. I am so proud that I can visit a school like this. I know that I can be proud when I say - I am visiting the Vienna European School.

So I just wanted to say "Thank you!" - for all those moments of joy, laughter and the feeling to belong somewhere. I know that there will always be a place where I am welcome and loved.

Thank you,

- Junior High 4 student (13 years old) 



My school is a very individual school, every teacher knows and respects your way of learning. This school is very special, because you can learn and have fun at the same time - sometimes you don't even realize you are learning, because it is so much fun! It's the perfect mixture between nice teachers, great classmates, wonderful and thrilling chances, fun learning and hard working. This school is so undescribably wonderful, because you get to know many international friends, you learn many languages and you are in situation that surprise you so positively, you couldn't have even thought about dreaming of them! This school makes everyone happy and well-educated!

- Junior High 4 student (14 years old) 


What I like about VES

I love VES. I feel good about going to this school. I don't have to be afraid, no, I wake up every day, happy to be here, happy to learn at the best school ever. There are nice children and terrific teachers. Since I can think, I visit VES. Within one year in Preschool, I learned to speak nearly fluent English. After four years of Elementary, I had nothing or no one to complain about. Then the High School evolved. The excitement in the classrooms was undiscribable. Watching the new school building grow was a fantasic feeling.

Nearly ten years in this school have passed now and of course, everyone has things to complain about if they had a bad day for example, but I don't have such days nearly as often as others do. The atmosphere in this school is amazing - the best teachers and extremely kind kids. If I don't feel well, there is always someone I can talk to. Always. I am so happy to be here. I feel safe, respected and, yes, maybe just a little, but, I do feel HOME! 

- Junior High 4 student (13 years old) 


Je suis heureuse d’aller à la VES, parce que c’est comme une maison où tu te sens bien.

- Junior High 4 student (14 years old)


J´aime beaucoup aller à la VES parce que j´aime apprendre des nouvelles langues et jouer avec les autres enfants. 

- Junior High 4 student (14 years old)