Presentation Skills

Performance and Presentation Skills

One of our main aims is to provide our students a great variety and number of opportunities to practice their presentations skills and to raise their self confidence. Practice makes perfect! 

Presentations in a classroom setting, for other VES classes and in whole school settings, as well as presentations for parents give students different audiences and different experiences. 

The VES is proud to host over 30 performances each year to support our students’ growth into articulate and globally minded young citizens, including:

Regular TEA TIMEs give our students the opportunity to present to their parents what they have learned and to be proud of their achievements. They are responsible for preparing their own program, setting the tables and hosting their own Tea Time. A student, the 'Tea Time Coordinator' is assigned to guide the audience through the show. 

The VES Christmas Show is our traditional show/celebration embracing performances in four languages, singing and dancing, as well as the many meanings of Christmas.

Our end of year TALENT SHOW provides all students the opportunity to engage in a big musical production. (ex. We will rock you! 2015, Romeo and Juliette 2016 etc.)

VES music FESTIVAL features a whole school choir as well as performances in smaller groups involving all VES high school students. The festival also gives individual talents the opportunity to show their abilities. 

Public Debates

Science Fair

Composer Appreciation Day

Mothers' Day Breakfast 

Fathers' Day Lunch

High School Music Festival

Austria Day Celebration

International Student Conferences 

Fall Presentation

"Senior High's got Talent"

Our annual VES Concert is an opportunity for our students to present their musical achievements at the end of each school year. The concert is accompanied by our elementary school choir.