This guide is designed to give parents an outline of the main objectives their children will be taught during the upcoming years. It would be difficult to list everything that will be taught, but these pages will provide an overview of some of the most significant aspects of the curriculum for Junior High students.

The VES Curriculum is designed to nurture our students' curiosity and develop their skills for inquiry and research. 

PROJECT BASED LEARNING gives our students the chance to focus on specific topics in depth and from different scientific perspectives. Cross Curricular Projects guide our students through their High School years and give them a graspable overview and a tight net of knowledge about subject matter. Studied topics are additionally supported by topic related field trips, excursions, guest speakers, workshops etc. to provide our young learners with extensive information and hands on activities - ACTIVE LEARNING is the motto at VES! 


Project orientation, "hands on" learning, experts, workshops and field trips make learning at VES an education-adventure!


'I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand" - Chinese Proverb