Physics, Biology and Chemistry are taught according to the Austrian Curriculum. 

Numerous experiments, special activities and field trips as well as guest speakers from universities and various companies support our students' understanding of science topics studied in class.

  • VES Science Fair
  • Vienna Open Lab: Mikroskopierworkshop
  • Technisches Museum: Die elektrisierte Welt
  • Institute of Environmental Biotechnology
  • Vienna Open Lab: Das Geheimnis des Milchzuckers
  • Anatomisch Pathologisches Museum
  • Zoom Kindermuseum: Kunst, Stoff, Plastik
  • Participation in the "Kinder Energie- und Umweltwoche"
  • "A Day in the Woods" with a guide from the University of Natural Resources and Life Science
  • Natural History Museum Vienna: Insects and Spiders

Students work with GCSE higher level workbooks in Physics and Chemistry.

In Biology we work with specific topic books for certain subject matters such as "Forests" or "Neurobiology".

In Chemistry our students receive an additional German schoolbook

Students also work with an interactive online schoolbook on our e-learning platform that includes video clips, graphics and selected topic information as well as worksheets and quizzes.  

Extra literature from our school library is used to support individual interests and research activities. 


Science Lab