We believe that technological competence and ICT skills are some of the most important assets a young person should acquire in the 21st century. Therefor all students at VES are required to bring their own laptop to work online in class and at home. The VES e-learning platform provides important information for students regarding exams and homework. All classrooms are equipped with interactive smartboards and teachers' laptops. 

Our goal at VES is that our students use modern technologies according to the requirements of the 21st century. ICT skills are a fundamental necessity at any university throughout the world and for our students' future careers.


  • Junior High 1:  10 finger system, word processing, power point, e-learning, "Safer Internet Workshop"
  • Junior High 2:  word processing, power point, e-learning, "Safer Internet Workshop"
  • Junior High 3:  word processing, excel, power point, e-learning, "Safer Internet Workshop"
  • Junior High 4:  weekly Computer Science hour, e-learning, GeoGebra

At the Senior High School computers and modern technologies are integrated in all subjects. In year 9 there is a special focus on Computer Science - 2,5 hours a week. In year 10 there is a special subject called Technology that has a focus on topics, such as Robotics and 3D printing.