Social Projects

Social Projects throughout High School

We believe that children need to gain an insight into all aspects of life. Caring means to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us. Empathy, compassion, respect and gratitude are developed through personally taking action:

Junior High 1

  • Project "Poverty in Austria" - Students gain insight in the topic through an expert-lead workshop. Together they organize their own food charity for poor families in Austria. They promote the charity around the school and take the collected goods to the Caritas Organization themselves. 
  • Project "Vinzi Shop" - With the experience our students have gained during the first project of the year, they organize a "Clothing-Charity". The collected goods are then taken to a special shop and sold by the students to collect money for homeless people in Vienna.

Junior High 2

  • Teaching German to Migrants

Junior High 3

  • "Home for the Elderly" - Students learn about age-related diseases, illnesses and about the interaction with elderly people during a workshop. They are then assigned an "old friend" at a care home that is visited regularly throughout the school year. 

Junior High 4

  • Amnesty Workshop: Flucht und Migration

Senior High 1

  • Meeting young people with disabilities. Working day at a sheltered workshop.