Positions of Responsibility

Positions of Responsibility are delegated during a Coaching lesson. These positions will prepare students for their future careers and provide necessary skills in organization, management, leadership, etc. Each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement for each position undertaken, if they have contributed to the High School community during their legislative period. 

Delegate Conferences are held regularly during High School assemblies between those who hold the same position from each class.

Legislative Periods: 

  1. September – Fall Break
  2. November  – Christmas break
  3. January  – Easter break
  4. April  – End of the school year 

Positions of Responsibility: 

  • Values Ambassador
  • Tea Time Coordinator
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Mentor
  • Field Trip Coordinator
  • Facility Manager
  • Peer Mediator
  • Current Affairs Reporter
  • Break/Lunch Monitor
  • Special Events Assistant